About us

Our mission

We create quality hand-crafted furniture made-to-order and as products. Our mission is to offer solid wood furniture products that last for decades and make custom furniture from a wider range of materials.

Our products are made by skilled joiners and they do not leave the workshop until we are certain that they are of the highest quality. We use glue joints and traditional joinery in our solid wood products to make them stable and strong. This also helps to ensure that the joints don't come loose in changing humidity conditions, which is especially important in the temperate climate.

Our approach is flexible and customer-centric - all our products can be customized to your liking. So if you wish to change the dimensions, materials or finish, simply contact us before ordering!

Solid wood is the main material we use, however we also take on projects made of baltic birch plywood, painted MDF or veneered panels.

Well made furniture is an investment that brings unique beauty and warmth into our northern environments.

Durable solid wood furniture
Custom furniture projects
Flexible approach to furniture making
Natural oil and wax finishes
Furniture modelling and CAD drawings